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The Story Continues

One morning a received a phone call from one of my old theatre buddies, T.G. Lewis, who told me that he had created a video studio and would I like to join the crew (that was about 6 years ago on writing this (25-July-2023). Our first shows were heavily into the theatre side of life (Actors Take / What a Director Needs), but it was not long after recording our first few shows that we branched out to include any topic.

And we are still going strong! (One of my quirks, I hate being photographed but love doingvideo interviews!)

Row 1:  Promo video I recorded (first thing I did!)   -   Interview with Sarah Carrillo who owns (the best bar) called "The Speakeasy"
Row 2: Interview with Phil Plait the Astronomer - Interview with Nik Chimino on ChatGPT
Row 3: Interview / shoot with travelling model Aurora Red - Furtuna Hailemariam is a Tigrayan from Ethiopia.

To see more our work on YouTube follow this link:  Captn's Lounge Studios / CIT Network.
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