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Modeling for Soft Focus Imagining

Have you ever wished to be a model or find out what it is like to be a model. Or if you are an existing model do you need new photographs for your portfolio. If you live within 100 miles of Longmont Colorado then please contact me with the form below.

As this is about you, you decide what you are looking for in the style, genre of photographs. I’ll decide the best way of achieving this.
Approximate Costs for Photo Shoots Time Number of Prints Total Cost
1 Hour costs $80 = 20 to 30 high quality photographs
2 Hours costs $140 = 40 to 100 high quality photographs
3 Hours costs $180  (+ $50/additional hour) = 100 to 200 high quality photographs

These costs include all the overhead of driving, editing and producing prints / Compact Disks.
Please note - Journeys greater than 45 minutes will require an extra payment of $10 / 15 minutes)

The Alternative Approach

The above immediately assumes that only you will have use of your pictures. If you are willing to share the use of the pictures then we can also do a shoot that is often referred to as TFP/TFCD. This of course is a good alternative as it costs you nothing, and nothing is good!! But what it does mean is that I can use your photographs in any way that I deem usable.

What does TFP (or TFCD) mean? TFP stands for time in exchange for prints (”Time For Prints”) and TFCD is time in exchange for a CD of images. It is an arrangement in which everyone contributes their time and skills and everyone gets images, but no cash payment is made. Details of TFP type shoots (usage rights, number of images produced and given to the model, etc) vary according to the individual deals people make amongst themselves. The term TFP is rarely used in the real world modelling industry, but there is a preferred term (”test”) which functions in the same capacity. It’s all a bunch of silly semantics.

TFCD / TFP - I’m very unusual to most photographer because I will supply BOTH a cd containing all the shots (except those I delete) and the finished shots. (I’ll also supply web ready if needed). + I’ll give you photo-quality prints (typically 4 - 8 X 11 1/2 and one 13 X 19 (approx sizes), all printed on highest quality photo-paper).

So, are you interested?

I can also host your own modelling / dancer web site for you so you can show off your abilities to the world. If this is of interest to you please fill in the form below. Your web site would be called ; get the entire package, photographs and web site from me. All at low prices but professionally done. (I can also host under any URL that you wish to register. i.e. (providing it’s not already in use!))

Please contact me via the “Contact” form

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